Community Homes

Building a Live, Work and Play Community

Incorporating inspiring architecture, Community Homes creates a living building. A building not just to inspire but to serve a purpose where people living in harmony and neighbours encourage to support each other.

Community Focused

Community Homes (CH) aims is to bridge the societal gap by providing small-scale alternative solutions to neighbourhood problems by introducing unique inspirational housing designs.

Building a Community within a Community

CH is a small scale development which houses people from diverse backgrounds and age groups. Our close-knit community provides occupants with their own private space within a supportive environment and our similarity is that we have shared common values and mindsets.


Inspiring while being affordable

Community Homes aspires to strike a balance between affordable and innovative design to inspire local residents and beautify its surrounding streetscape.


I am David. My ethnic background is Vietnamese born Chinese and I can speak several languages including English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, and have a fundamental understanding of Vietnamese. 


An orphan at a young age. Lived in children's home. A tragic forgotten Australian story.  Hank is 74 years of age, a veteran. I met Hank soon after I moved to Marsden.

Lindsay and Family

His dream was to be a pilot, however, for an unfortunate situation he is enduring, it is not possible.

Mrs Wang

Mrs Wang aged 78, was a teacher in China, lived in Australia for 3 years under family reunion sponsorship.


First Project – Marsden

Community Home’s first project of 4 individual units with an estimated project completion date around December 2020.

When good cash flow established, Community homes will explore other projects such as buying old houses and renovate to a Community Homes standard as a part of the multiple income streams to diversify its business in order to keep the jobs coming in for the workers to maintain their employment.