Hank in charge of the BBQ

An orphan at a young age, brought up in children’s homes. A tragic forgotten Australian story. Hank is 74 years of age, a long time veteran having served in the RAAF, army reserves, then regular army. I met Hank soon after I moved to Marsden. A generous man who worked as the Neighbourhood Watch in the Logan neighbourhood.

Hank reached out to me and offered help with some handyman work during my workplace injury recovery phase where I was working on my own to save money for my renovation setting up for rental. A willingness to help unconditionally from Hank taught me some valuable life lessons and shaped me into who I am today.

Hank is currently living with me and we support each other in times of needs. He is an ideal role model for many others and I gain inspiration from him.

Hank and his wife, Mary

Everyone helping Hank move house

Hank helping David with mind maps