Meet the Team

David Ng

The man behind the idea – David leads this community project vision with a passion for sharing and building together.

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Ronny Matzat

The building designer – the man behind the sustainable and innovative home designs.

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Website Design Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones

The website dude – Behind David’s website is the man with the laptop putting it online.

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Rachel Teo

The administrative and legal support- the lady catering to the various miscellaneous needs of Community Homes members, ranging from minor case assistance in family law, to counselling and mediation in tenancy disputes.

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Khurram Malik

A financial doctor to ensure Community Homes is in good financial health at all times. His role is also more of a project manager to make sure things are going smoothly and in a timely manner.

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John Mulvey

A respected Coach and Communication specialist to coach future Community Homes staffs and occupants.

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Erin Brooks

Erin brings her expertise and experience as a town planner and provides strategic advice about the directions in which Community Homes should take. This includes consultation on future potential location sites, appropriate uses of the land zoning and how to overcome various assessment codes and challenges to fulfil the needs of the community.

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Michael Rourke

Michael is our specialist in the Australian Building Code and a technical problem solver who ensures that all CH buildings are safe, meet quality assurances and compliant with the relevant requirements.

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Righardt Allers

We strive to maintain a transparent and ethical business practice and Righardt lends his legal expertise to ensure that CH is legally compliant and follows the legislative requirements for certification. Mr Allers has extensive experience in commercial and contract law and takes cares of the legal needs of CH.

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Alex Ponomarev

Town Planner at Somerville Consultants

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